Which Is Better To Use – PPC OR SEO

Check Which Marketing Strategy To Choose

When you are trying to choose the right marketing method, it is important to consider everything that you have done so far. You should be considering your website traffic sources, your lead generation efforts, and the way that you are producing leads. Answering these questions will help determine if SEO or PPC is the right choice for you.

Are Your Current Marketing Efforts Being Generated Through Paid Search?

If there are no empty spots in your budget when search engine marketers make proposals to you, paid search isn’t a bad idea because it can produce great results when done correctly. If organic search is already generating much better results than paid searches, then obviously it’s time for you to switch gears entirely.

What Products/Services Are You Selling?

If you sell products that customers purchase on a daily basis, then SEO is probably the way to go. This type of product requires long-term targeting and it will be beneficial for your business if customers stick with your brand as opposed to going over to a competitor. If you are trying to seek out more traffic from paid search, this is also something that can be relatively easily done by generating fresh PPC ads.

Is PPC Better Than SEO?

Paid advertising is often regarded by many as the more traditional and less intelligent way of marketing. However, this opinion has drastically changed in recent years with the advent of paid advertisements on social media sites.  

PPC Methods are Much Better than SEO for Speed to Market

One of the main issues that online businesses have when getting started is that they have to wait a long time before they see results. With PPC you can get established immediately while SEO takes weeks or months to start showing growth. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is – without proper exposure, it won’t become successful. Even if you buy an online course while waiting for your website to rank higher in Google, you will still lose sales to the established competition.

Paid advertising methods are much more targeted than SEO and social media marketing which is why they might seem less intelligent, but in fact, they can be leveraged to create a long-term presence in the market with stable development. When you start an online business or launch a new product, it’s so important for it to get exposure as quickly as possible to establish its relevance in the market. Paid ads can help greatly with this type of exposure while SEO and SMM will take too much time without any guarantee that your page will rank high enough in search engines. 

 Why You Should Do Both PPC and SEO

There’s a reason that Google comes before Bing in people’s search queries. You’ve heard the phrase ‘Google it,’ right? Well, if you were to do an informal poll around your office or social circle, I’m willing to bet that the majority of respondents would choose Google over Bing when given the choice between them. And why wouldn’t they? People know what Google stands for–the company practically built its empire on being one step ahead of their advertising competition. They have essentially become synonymous with “search engines.” Since the dawn of search engines, marketers have been trying to master both PPC and organic results at once by means of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, there are many reasons that doing both can be extremely beneficial, with some being more tangible than others.

First of all, doing both PPC and SEO is the best way to get your site noticed quickly, as explained by HubSpot: “SEO traffic generally doesn’t skyrocket overnight…PPC ads on the other hand often show remarkable lifts in short periods of time.” This means that you can use PPC as a temporary fix for those times when you need visitors now, such as launch day or a promotion. Once your best HVAC keywords start ranking organically and bringing consistent traffic, you can just shut down your campaigns and wait for them to convert–no extra cost! The longer-term benefits include things like adding another revenue stream to your business model (PPC) and establishing authority and credibility (SEO).

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