The L|M LIbrary

Here you can find all the free resources I'll be creating for you guys to help you elevate the everyday, cook beautiful, live slow, and make a living doing what you love. Check back as we add new freebies each month! 


instagram secret weapons

Ten apps & tools that I use to help my instagram game stay strong and not stressful in the face of the Almighty Algorithm. It's how I get pretty copy on my IG stories, and how I edit my cell phone pics like a boss (and how you can too!) 

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This is my weekday morning routine—what I call a "localmilkified" version of Tim Ferriss' "5 Habits to Win the Morning". Do I accomplish everything every morning? Nope! But I consider even the smallest win a win, so even if I only manage to make my bed or brew my tea, I know I'm off to a better start. The more of the routine I accomplish, the more successful my day tends to be. But like I say, don't fall into the all or nothing trap! I hope this inspires you to reclaim your morning to prime yourself to do good work and serve others better through your day! The best part of a routine is you don't wake up wondering "what shall I do first?" and end up on your cell phone. I try not to check it until the routine is complete, a full 2 hours after I wake up! 


Goal Setting Workbook + 2018 goal Planner

This workbook is all about starting from the right place, you WHY & your core goals of how you want you life to look & feel every day, and then helping your reverse engineer your wildest dreams, step-by-step, into an actionable plan. This method of goal setting can also give you more time, because you know exactly what you need to be doing to move towards the dream, and you can scrap the rest of the noise and say no to it while you focus in. 

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Beth's Newsletter ARchives

Grab a cup and settle in and catch up on all the love letters you might have missed or re-read old favorites without having to keep them in your inbox. 

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Kyoto Guide Map

A custom google map accessible from you phone with all of my favorite spots in Kyoto on it! 


My Essential Pantry Checklist

A printable guide to what I keep in my pantry and why! 

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Radial Mask Tutorial For Adobe Lightroom

A video tutorial to one of Lightroom's most powerful but overlooked features.