Can I come on a retreat as a helper or partner with you to host? 

We have a tight knit team that is well versed in working together, and as such we don't usually need help, and our partners & co-hosts are usually selected in advance and are people we know well and/or have worked with before. 

What are the event dates for the coming year? 

We will announce them on our email list. You can sign up to hear about upcoming dates and locations here.

do you teach private lessons?

I no longer offer one-to-one lessons or coaching so I can focus on hosting these retreats, writing a cookbook, designing e-courses that teach all that I used to teach one-to-one so the teaching is available to more people at a lower price, and creating the Raw Milk Podcast. If you're interested in learning from me but can't make it to a retreat, I highly suggest signing up for our mailing list to hear when online courses open for enrollment! 

What are the "Retreats" and what can I expect?

They are all-inclusive, bespoke shared travel experiences designed by visual storytellers for aesthetes, creatives, and foodies in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Our goal is to create community through a new breed of shared travel and to provide guests with rustic luxury, authenticity, adventure, and slow living that leaves them both inspired and rejuvenated. We make each event unique with beautiful meals and seeking out the most inspiring vistas, cultures, inns & homes, and countries. 

At every retreat we teach social media & online marketing to creatives interested in turning their passions into a living. At some retreats we also teach photography to guests interested in telling their own visual stories & honing their visual voice from behind the lens. Our team & locations prepare elaborate meals in and also schedule culinary experiences out—from street food to fine dining—and we create an itinerary for unique exploration of the area.

Guests are free to use their time with us however they choose. For creatives looking to take their passion and turn it into a living, the opportunity to learn business & marketing is there. For those looking to improve their photography & editing, build a portfolio, or learn for the first time, the opportunity to learn is there, and we will work with you for the duration of your stay on everything from portfolio critique to photo basics to social media to post-processing. For those simply interested in travel, unplugging, and having unforgettable culinary experiences, the opportunity to simply be is there. For the guest who finds themselves in a transition point in life and is looking for a place to reflect and regroup, the opportunity to be quiet and search is there. It's all there. Our goal is to enable you to find the space to create, the space to simply be, or both. Most importantly we want you to leave with the energy & vision to go back and do what you love, whatever that may be.  

Do you teach styling at retreats and escapes? 

Not usually. Typically, with a few exceptions which would be noted in the event description, we only teach photography, not styling, at retreats and escapes. This allows us to better teach photography, creative business, social media, and online marketing, and focus on the experience and location. In the future we plan to offer online opportunities to learn styling through tutorial videos recorded in my studio. 

what's included in the price?

At every retreat & escape all expenses are paid in advance except airfare and getting yourself to and from the event. While you're with us every meal, activity, transportation, and accommodation is taken care of, and you're given a curated collection of gifts inspired by slow living & the country you're in. All classes are included. We will plan every detail; all guests need to do is show up and experience it. While some meals at some retreats include wine, guests are responsible for any extra alcohol or personal shopping they might want. 

What is Not included in the price? 

Travel concierge services are not included in the price. While we are happy to answer simple questions and we provide access information, guests are responsible for getting themselves to and from the retreat as well as making any travel or lodging arrangements for themselves outside of the retreat (if they are intending to travel before or after the event). Styling lessons are not included as we do not teach that at destination retreats any longer. Highly custom menus are also not included for those with very involved dietary restrictions such as vegan or multiple restrictions. See more information below.  

Who comes to retreats? Are babies or Children welcome?

Everyone! Men, women, couples, friends, and singles come. Children are welcome as long as you can provide your own childcare and they do not disrupt meals or classes. People from all walks of life, all nationalities, and all ages come. One of the best parts of the retreats is the diversity of creative, like-minded people who come together over a love of travel, food, design, and slow living. 

Do I need to be a photographer? 

Not at all. While visual storytelling, food, and design are the inspiration of all our events, we welcome non-photographers and all levels and breeds of photographers from professional to iphoneographer to hobbyist to beginner. Almost everyone is telling a visual story these days, and there's almost no field that can't benefit from a working knowledge of photography. Some guests come with nothing but iPhones, others come with film cameras, yet others with point & shoots, and the majority with DSLRs (which is what we specialize in teaching. Some come to take better vacation photos for themselves and their family, some come because they want to hone their visual voice for personal expression, and others come because they want to strengthen a portfolio or build a career. Most come to have a good time & relax. Any one of those is a great reason, and I'm sure there are hundreds of others that would be just as good! 

I really want to learn photography during the retreat or escape. How can I best prepare? 

We highly recommend that those with a serious interest in photography come with a DSLR equipped with a fast lens. If you sign up for an event and are unsure about which camera or lens to bring or buy, we can aid you in making the decision that best suits you needs. We also recommend that you come with the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Classic installed on your computer. For beginners, if you can figure out which buttons on your particular camera change the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed while in manual mode, we can help you even faster! But don't fret if you can't figure it out; we can help! 

I have a dietary restriction. Will there be something for me to eat? 

What food we serve varies from location to location, and while we can cater to vegetarians, some specific allergies, and some medical conditions, if you are severely limited and your diet is highly specific and restricted, these may not be the retreats for you. Because the food culture of the location is such an integral part of each culinary experience, we let the country and region dictate the food we serve. That said, if you have many dietary restrictions or are vegan and would very much like to attend, we can create a special menu for you at an additional surcharge at some but not all retreats. 

do you accept cancellations or offer refunds in any event? 

Unfortunately due to the involved logistics & up front costs of these events we have a strict no refund and no cancellation policy regardless of circumstance. We highly, highly recommend purchasing insurance. If you need to cancel we will happily help you try to find a replacement for your spot, and if we can find one you will be refunded in full minus a service charge of $250 but only in the event that a replacement is found. Again, we strongly urge you to buy travel insurance and to be sure you can make it before you book. From illness to natural disaster to relationship problems, we have seen guests need to change plans for many reasons, and better to be safe and prepared for the unforeseen.

My question isn't answered here! How can I get in touch? 

You can contact us directly if your question isn't answered here via this form!