Explore the Art of Slow Living

gather + wander + create

Our Slow Living Retreats are worlds away where you can relax, nourish creativity, become inspired anew, and connect—with others, yourself, and the world around you.

The Retreats of 2016 are about exploring our world through local food, making with our hands, and visual story-telling. They're also about being present and finding sustenance of every kind—physical, emotional, creative, and spiritual—where you are, when you're there.

While we welcome technology as a means to share and connect, the focus of these getaways will not be social media or blogging. Instead, these retreats are immersive creative & culinary experiences designed to be savored in order to help you find your voice and get inspired.

The gatherings will be held in beautiful settings all around the world from the hot springs of Japan to the crystal blue waters of Spain, and slow food, photography, and travel are the heart of every retreat. They are designed to not just improve your work, but your well-being, and our ideal guest is anyone that wants to creatively recharge, explore, make photographs, and enjoy a culinary experience.

It's my hope that those of you who join us on these adventures will walk away with more confidence in your photography, memories to fuel your creativity, fresh eyes for seeing the world, and lasting relationships. We hope to see you there, where ever there may be. 

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